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John Goodman: The Show Has A 'Hollow Center' Without Roseanne     29+ min ago

Internet Explodes Over Trump's Praise Of Congressman Who Body-Slammed Reporter     1+ hour, 29+ min ago

Explosive Ad: GOP Will Protect Black Men From False Accusations By White Women     1+ hour, 59+ min ago

POLL: Taylor Swift’s Democratic Endorsement In Tennessee Was Virtually Meaning...     1+ hour, 59+ min ago

Ep. 127 - The Evidence For The Resurrection Of Jesus Is Overwhelming     1+ hour, 59+ min ago

MSNBC Analyst Drops Loaded Comment About Cherokee Nation For Rebuking Elizabeth ...     2+ hour, 25+ min ago

Hillary 2020: Top Aide Leaves Door Open For Third Presidential Run     2+ hour, 25+ min ago

Ep. 642 - The She-Woman Men Haters Club     2+ hour, 59+ min ago

Molotov Cocktails Hurled At Seattle-Area Church During Worship Service     3+ hour, 29+ min ago

Trump Gets Yuuuge: Joint Rally For Ted Cruz Forced To Move To 19,000-Seat NBA Ar...     3+ hour, 29+ min ago

The Democrats' 2020 Platform: Free Everything For Everybody!     3+ hour, 55+ min ago

Klavan: How The Media Is Distorting The Khashoggi Story     4+ hour, 29+ min ago

Acosta Makes Excuse For 'F**k You' Message, Gets Ridiculed     4+ hour, 59+ min ago

WATCH: Nikki Haley Roasts Elizabeth Warren For Failing DNA Test     4+ hour, 59+ min ago

Knowles: Brooke Baldwin Doesn’t Like The ‘M’ Word     4+ hour, 59+ min ago

Feminists Sneeze, Kleenex Folds. No More 'Mansize' Tissues.     8+ hour, 19+ min ago

Former White House Official Teases CNN's Acosta. Acosta Responds: 'F**k You.'     12+ hour, 59+ min ago

Texas Democrats Ask Non-Citizens To Register To Vote, Pre-Checked Citizenship Bo...     15+ hour, 5+ min ago

Trump Touts 'Body Slamming' Montana Politician, Crowd Erupts     15+ hour, 45+ min ago

John Bolton, John Kelly Argue About Immigration. Trump Picks A Side, Report Says...     16+ hour, 43+ min ago

Cory Booker Claims Canada Is More American Than America, Gives Insane Reason     16+ hour, 43+ min ago

LifeSiteNews Blocked From Twitter     17+ hour, 15+ min ago

REPORT: Los Angeles Slow To Implement ‘Typhus Zone’ Sanitation Plan     18+ hour, 15+ min ago

Brazilians Outraged At Priest Who Gave Communion To Pro-Choice Presidential Cand...     20+ hour, 19+ min ago

WATCH: Rosie Calls For Military To 'Get' Trump, MSNBC Analyst Agrees     20+ hour, 15+ min ago

Bernie Sanders' Former Staffers Want The Progressive 'Grandpa' To STAY OUT Of Th...     20+ hour, 39+ min ago

NO BOYS ALLOWED: Mom Wants ‘Girls-Only Time’ At Public Playground     21+ hour, 13+ min ago

Radical Sinema: Accused Bush Of Putting Arsenic In The Water And 'Crowning Himse...     21+ hour, 13+ min ago

WATCH: Sen. John Kennedy Talks About Maintaining Balance In The Middle East Whil...     21+ hour, 45+ min ago

Canada Legalizes Marijuana, Plans To Offer Pardons For 'Minor Pot Convictions'     22+ hour, 15+ min ago

WATCH: Pelosi Endorses 'Collateral Damage' Against Conservatives     22+ hour, 15+ min ago

Law Professor: Warren 'Tried To Rig Her Career' With 'Deceptive' Native American...     22+ hour, 39+ min ago

Ep. 236 - Make ‘Em Angry, Make ‘Em Stupid     22+ hour, 39+ min ago

Rush Predicts GOP Retains House, Makes Gains In The Senate     22+ hour, 39+ min ago

France's Macron Says 'Educated' Women Don’t Have Big Families. Educated Mother...     22+ hour, 39+ min ago

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